Quit My Job and Took Off To Travel the Entire World

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The issue was (and is for some others I trust) that in spite of good pay, I was extremely attempting to appreciate life back home in Ireland. I believed I was basically winning cash every month so I could stand to live in Dublin and pay for transport to get the chance to work. Half my compensation check every month was going towards lease and transport costs, and the rest of on nourishment, bills and the odd piece of spending travel. I was working so difficult to bring home the bacon, that I was never again really carrying on with my life.

Roused by other expert bloggers

At the point when your deep rooted dream is to venture to the far corners of the planet and get paid, following in the pathways of those that have taken that way before you is dependably a decent place to begin! In the course of recent months, as my fantasy of turning into a full time travel blogger began to come to fruition and I gradually yet without a doubt began to develop the strength to leave by place of employment, I began to take after all my top pick (and best) travel bloggers and online business visionaries somewhat more nearly. Super effective Irish bloggers, for example, Carlo and Florence from Next Stop Who Knows were most likely my greatest motivation in the course of recent months and their consolation and kind words did not go unnoticed. The way that they hit their initial 5 figure wage (following 2 years of full time travel!) in August was a genuine defining moment for me. In the event that they can do it, I can do it! Most expert travel bloggers I know began profiting by joining to a Travel Blog Success course, so in case you’re hoping to emulate my example, that may me a decent begin.

The time was perfect

I chose that in the event that I was regularly going to end up a full time travel blogger (my deep rooted objective!!) and a sprouting business visionary, now was the time. Not one year from now, not in two years, but rather at the present time. I had some cash spared to prop me up on the off chance that my arrangement completely fizzled. I knew I would not discover it excessively troublesome, making it impossible to discover another activity as the offers had really being streaming in on LinkedIn, and I could simply go to discover a showing work if everything in Ireland didn’t work out. My movement blog was additionally extremely beginning to take off. I was shortlisted (and later a finalist) for Best Travel Blog in Ireland and Cosmopolitan Travel Blogger of the Year. I had begun working with huge travel brands and PR organizations, and offers of paid press trips were beginning to stream through my inbox. Just before I completed, one of my articles got distributed on National Geographic while another was grabbed by Matador Network and had run fairly popular with more than 40,000 Facebook shares. The time was without a doubt right.

How I quit my business to venture to the far corners of the planet

Stage 1: The Unemployment Plan

I really sat down one night, when I had under 1 week of work left, and composed something I jump at the chance to call ‘The Unemployment Plan’. While it was for the most part to fulfill my folks developing stresses over how on earth I would back myself without an all day work, it was likewise to fulfill my own particular stresses and to work out how hard I would need to function to profit to survive. I did whatever it takes not to be over yearning and disclosed to myself that on the off chance that I could gain 1,000 euro from my movement blog and independent written work assignments in my first month of joblessness that would be a fantastic begin. I at that point made a graph to arrange for the amount I expected to expand this by every month so as to be 100% monetarily secure by January first 2016, four months into my joblessness design. Also, by 100% monetarily secure, I mean have enough cash to travel to new travel goals, for example, Thailand or South America and enough ensured pay coming in every month to manage life as a computerized wanderer anyplace on the planet. Well… anyplace that isn’t absurdly overrated like Ireland in any case!

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Stage 2: Monetize your movement blog

The second step in my long and twisting way to turning into a full time travel blogger was to begin adapting my blog. By the start of September I was getting up to 50,000 hits per month on this blog which is quite useful for a movement blog. It’s no place close to the enormous hitters like Nomadic Matt, Adventurous Kate or The Planet D, however it was developing relentlessly and was surely enough to begin pulling in consideration.

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Google promotions

I purchased my own area name (for as far back as 4 years this blog used to be called janetnewenham.wordpress.com it’s as yet my greatest lament that I didn’t purchase my space name prior!), went from being facilitated on WordPress.com to acting naturally facilitated on WordPress.org at that point chose to set up Google adsense to check whether I could capitalize on those 50,000 month to month guests. Folks, I will be 100% legitimate here… .I make peanuts from these adverts! Now and then I think about whether they’re even justified, despite all the trouble however in the event that your site sees a major spike in rush hour gridlock… .so does your bank adjust so I’m abandoning them there until further notice.

Web-based social networking posts

While bloggers can profit from web-based social networking, I find that having a major nearness via web-based networking media with an expansive number of connected adherents will assist you with every single other component of adapting your blog. A vast Facebook following will promise you consistent activity to your blog, and will likewise get you saw by huge travel organizations and PR offices. I have experienced numerous computerized media offices in the course of recent months who all appear to think more about how huge my online networking following is than what number of hits my genuine blog gets. Social is everything. Take a gander at individuals like Scott Eddy (one of the world’s best travel tweeters) for motivation. His Facebook presents are sufficient on make even the most all around voyaged blogger green with envy, and he is an awesome case of how individuals can make a major salary from online networking. Gloria from The Blog Abroad is likewise kicking ass in the movement blogging world right now, particularly on both Instagram and Snapchat.

Read my article on why I cherish #groningen on @NatGeoTravel here-http://t.co/YPxvy9YrDz #VisitHolland pic.twitter.com/hwbwFIe2nC

— Janet Newenham (@janetnewenham) August 28, 2015

Supported posts While my high focus with Google advertisements was a total catastrophe, I feel my low focus for supported posts has been outperformed. From time to time I get reached by an organization who might want to compose a visitor post for my site, or might want me to expound on them. Toward the start, and with movement new companies specifically, I did this for nothing and dependably got heaps of good input. Over the most recent two months in any case, I upped a rate card and now charge individuals for these posts. I just ever acknowledge supported posts which I feel fit in with the general topic and tone of my blog, and just work with organizations that I would utilize myself. I presently win around 4-600 euro a month from these posts which is a pleasant begin!

Stage 3: Write for other travel destinations

Visitor Blogging This is one of my most loved approaches to profit and was not initially in ‘The Unemployment Plan’! Numerous enormous travel organizations procure bloggers to compose visitor posts on their website. They know the substance will be great, that the blogger as of now has a major online networking following that the blog entry can be imparted to and that the movement blogger carries with them their own image or identity and with it validity. I am right now the inhabitant blogger with a couple of Irish travel organizations and a couple of understood travel marks advance a field.

Independent written work As the vast majority of my month to month salary originates from independent composition gigs this is viewed as the genuine cash producer! On the off chance that you anticipate emulating my example and leaving your place of employment, this will be vital to your survival (unless obviously you have other mischievous aptitudes like Michelle-Fleur from DashesnDutch). As Skyscanner has dependably been one of my most loved travel apparatuses and I generally got a kick out of the chance to expound on them, I reached their UK Editor and was enchanted to discover she was searching for Irish authors for the Skyscanner blog. I totally adore composing for them as I get the chance to concoct new thoughts every month and pitch them, which dependably keeps me on my toes!

The present office… . A photograph posted by Janet Newenham (@janetnewenham) on Dec 9, 2015 at 9:03am PST

Stage 4: Stop paying for movement

Press and fam trips For the vast majority beginning in the movement blogging world, squeeze trips and fam trips are their definitive objective. Nothing beats venturing to the far corners of the planet for nothing . Press trips are solicitations from PR offices or Tourism associations include a gathering of movement writers and bloggers heading off to a set goal. The timetable is generally lovely stick pressed with exercises and you will be completely broken toward its finish. You will be required to continually refresh your web-based social networking with photographs and presents and on be effectively connected with he individuals you meet wherever you go. These treks can regularly be paid outings, however in the event that they’re not despite everything you’ll have all your movement costs secured. I truly appreciate going on squeeze treks and love meeting different bloggers, however I must be mindful so as not to agree to accept an excessive number of in light of the fact that every day spent on one of these is lost pay for me.

Look at it folks!! I’m on a press trip with 3 other astounding travel bloggers including @nonsoloamore to the town of Huelva in Andalucía, Spain. This was the view from my window prior at the @islantilla_golf_resort!! It was around 25’c at 5pm… somewhat hotter than back home in Ireland!!! I will be here for 3 days investigating the area..more photographs tomorrow! A photograph posted by Janet Newenham (@janetnewenham) on Nov 6, 2015 at 3:35pm PST

Paid excursions

While I have just been on a couple of these, they are certainly a standout amongst other advantages of being a movement blogger. These paid treks are typically composed by tourism sheets or vast travel organizations and include either a gathering of movement bloggers or you all alone heading off to a place with the sole reason for advancing it via web-based networking media and reviewing a detaile