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Kim (About) Hi! I’m Kim, a 20-something English Literature graduate from the North of England. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

In February 2014, after a year in a graduate online marketing job and eighteen months of saving and dreaming about little else, I left my flat, packed my bulging wardrobe into storage boxes, and left Leeds to travel around India and Southeast Asia with my boyfriend/best friend, Matt.

When we first started throwing around the idea of travelling, we only planned a three or four month backpacking trip to four destinations. But things snowballed, and I ended up spending almost two years away and visiting thirteen countries. Both of us have achieved so much more than we ever planned and even though we’re home again for now, my longing to explore every inch of this incredible planet has only grown stronger.

I created The Wanderlist so I could keep all of my memories and musings in one place, to try to make some sense out of the crazy adventure I’ve been on, and most of all, to indulge my love of writing – something that has lay dormant for too long throughout my early twenties.

Call me cliched but I guess my biggest goal with The Wanderlist is to inspire more people of all ages to take the leap and see the world while they are able to. It doesn’t matter if it’s a two year backpacking odyssey or just a weeks holiday from your 9-5. There’s honestly no end to the magic we can discover if we just dare to leave our comfort zones to search for it.


Some chronology to my travels:

India (starting in Delhi, we took a train to Varanasi, then went north to explore Himachal Pradesh, then south through Rajasthan towards Mumbai and the beaches of Goa) -> Myanmar -> Northern Thailand -> Laos -> Vietnam from north to south -> Cambodia -> Southern Thailand -> 24 hours in Singapore -> took a bus to Malaysia -> Indonesia (we travelled around Sumatra, Java, Bali and the Gili Islands) -> Australia

We called Melbourne home for eight months before heading to Queensland to work on a farm. Then in August 2015 I took my farm earnings to Sri Lanka, Malaysia and finally New Zealand.

Current location: UK



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